Below find web page links and information related to the structures and activities of Japan's national political parties, and on evolution of a new political party system to replace the 1955 System. Emphasis is on the major parties and their activities.

The Liberal Democratic Party. Japan's largest political party, the LDP's English language website provides the text of the LDP Constitution, a history of the Party's organization and activities, a convenient Party organizational chart, and personal profiles of key LDP officials. The site also includes an archive of monthly newsletters back to February 2002.

The Democratic Party of Japan (Minshuto). This website provides useful English language information about the DPJ and the Party's positions on contemporary political issues. Don't miss the "Latest News" link at the top which archives English language news and position statements back to late April of 2002.
The New Komeito Party. Komeito maintains a rich and up-to-date English language website. As do other party sites, this one includes good English language information on the Party, its history, and its policy positions. The "Weekly News" and its archive is especially useful. Also informative are the bios and photos of Party officials, and guide to the Party's organization.
The Social Democratic Party. The Socialist Party is the only major Japanese political party that does not maintain an English language version of their web page. This link leads to their comprehensive Japanese language site. The Party Headquarters address, e-mail, and some photographs may interest those who do not read Japanese.
The Japan Communist Party. The JCP maintains an English language page that provides access to an enormous amount of information English language information on the Party's history, organization, policies, and current activities. Be certain to click the "Japan Press Weekly" link in the upper-right-hand section of the home page for access to current and archived editions of the Japan Press Service's progressive news service, plus a very useful collection of related English language sources under the "Links" section.