Japan Government

This page provides links and descriptions for other Japan government "meta-sites" that include information not on the Japan Considered website.

Japanese Politics Central. Professor Leonard Schoppa's Japanese Politics Central page at the University of Virginia. This long-running Japan politics site is especially rich in information about elections -- election-specific data attractively presented with informative charts -- and a more recently added database of Members of Parliament. The latter provides detailed English language information about every Member in easy-to-use format. It also includes quite a comprehensive list of scholars specializing in the study of Japanese politics.
Japanese Political Science. Duke University Librarian for Japan and Korea, Dr. Kristina Kade Troost, offers an impressive amount of Japan politics material on the Duke Web Page. Some linked sites are in Japanese, but there is plenty of English language material. See the “Japanese Political Science Home” link in the blue table at the bottom of the page, as well as other links in that table
Japan Guide. Primarily a Japan travel and living site, the “Japan-Guide” politics page includes an excellent set of Japan government-related links under “politics” on the right-hand side. Also good web material suggestions on the left-hand side of the page under “Related Pages”
Japan Reference "Government and Politics" page. This useful page of links to information broadly related to Japanese government and politics begins with a number of suggestions to sites offering government-related information, some useful, others decorative, but all interesting. Eight categories of government-related information are listed at the top of the page, including an excellent selection of NGO sites and regional and prefectural links.
The Government & Politics page of WebJapan. A comprehensive selection of government and politics-related links maintained by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Each link includes limited but reliable information about the site to which it points. WebJapan includes only-Japanese sites with its collection of English language sites. But they are clearly marked. Don't ignore the small links near the bottom of the page, especially the convenient presentation of "Statistics" and the for-fun "Nipponia" link.
The Official Japan Government Internet TV Site. This beautifully constructed Flash site is in Japanese. Click on the "English" link in the upper righthand corner for three English language channels. But don't skip over the Japanese channels in the process. The presentation and visuals throughout the site are spectacular. Viewers without Japanese language can easily navigate the site and will find many things of interest.