This page covers the national political role of Japan's communications media: print and electronic.

Media Analysis & General Information Sites
The Foreign Correspondents' Club of Japan. A wide-ranging media site that offers English language information on the Club's programs, resources for Japan-resident foreign journalists, and current issues and an archive of "No. 1 Shimbun," the FCCJ's own journal. The "Member Weblogs" section offers valuable insights into professional ex-pat life in Japan, and shouldn't be overlooked.
Pressnet. The English language page of the Japan Newspaper Publishers & Editors Association website. Pressnet provides information on the circulation and finances of its member newspaper companies, plus current and archived editions of its monthly NSK Online News Bulletin.


Newspaper and Magazine Sites
Asahi Shimbun. The English language page of one of Japan's most respected daily newspapers is now linked with the New York Times' International Herald Tribune. Clicking the news categories listed on the navigation bar at the top brings up a convenient list of articles on that topic. Be sure to visit the main "Herald Tribune/Asahi" page and browse the editorials and special features.
Japan Press Weekly. Maintained by the Japan Communist Party, this site describes itself as "... the only news agency providing information of progressive, democratic movements in Japan." The site includes the full text of previous issues back to late March 2001, all full-text searchable from the main page, making this an especially useful research resource. "Special Issues" provides access to English translations of many JCP-related documents. And ten additional English language sites can be accessed through the "Links" section.
The Japan Times. Founded in 1897, the Japan Times On-line edition offers comprehensive news coverage of Japan that has the advantage of not being translations of the original. Articles are concisely written and authoritative. A full-text archive of articles from the beginning of the year can be found under "News Calendar" in the left-hand navigation bar. The "Life in Japan" section usually includes something of interest to those studying Japan.
Kyodo News. The English language page of Japan's respected Kyodo Tsuushin-sha news service, this site each day offers two or three full-text English language news articles. But it is most useful as a reference for breaking news stories related to Japan and Asia.
Mainichi Shimbun. The Mainichi Daily News English language page offers a wider variety of human-interest articles and photographs than do the more staid English language pages of other Japanese newspapers. Its colorful design provides access to photographs and even video news in the left and right-hand navigation bars. More "New York Post" than "New York Times. "
Yomiuri Shimbun. The Daily Yomiuri On-Line site. Japan's largest circulation newspaper maintains a comprehensive English language site. Government-related articles can be found in the "National" Section, and in other sections as well, including "Economy," "Crime-Accident," and "International." Be sure to scroll down the page to the "Features" and "Book Reviews" sections. Don't be put off by the annoying automatic start of the AP video. Just quickly click on the "National" link on the bar across the top to go to that page.


Television and Radio Station Sites
FNN. Fuji News Network. This site provides links to streaming video clips of current and recent Fuji newscasts. The video is in Japanese, but the site provides a comprehensive English language description of the video's content, making them more valuable to the non-Japanese language enabled viewer.
NHK On-Line English. The English language site NHK's comprehensive news website. The initial page includes links to English language text, audio, and video. The site also includes corporate information on NHK. Translations of portions of the annual reports are worth a look, as is the "50 Years of NHK Television" special report. The nav bar includes links to streaming audio of NHK's Radio Japan On-Line, available in English, Japanese, and 20 other languages.
NTV. The Nippon Television Network Corporation, maintains an English language website at the link to the right. This site is designed more for the corporate viewer seeking information about the NTV corporation than for the viewer seeking news. Still, useful information presented in easy-to-surf format that describes the structure and operation of a Japanese media corporation.
Radio Japan Online. NHK's English language radio news service is available here. In addition to Japanese radio news and a convenient guide to NHK shortwave broadcasting, links to broadcasts in English and twenty other languages are available toward the bottom of the page.