This page covers Japan's Parliament, or Diet, and its related administrative institutions.

House of Representatives. The seventeen items listed under "Diet Functions" in the "Guide to the House" section provide useful information on many aspects of the operation of the Lower House, from a brief history of the institution to authoritative statements on voting procedures and the responsibilities of the Speaker. Be sure while on the "Guide to the House" page to click on "Diet Bldg Facilities" on the lefthand side of the page. It takes you to a well-done description of the building, complete with "PhotoBubble" 360-degree pictures of some key areas. It is worth downloading the browser plug-in to view them.
House of Councillors. The "Guide" tab at the top brings up a short history of the institution, a very useful explanation of the Upper House structure, a list of Standing and Special Committees, with links to the current membership of each. Be sure also to look through the "Activities" and "Legislative Procedure" pages found under the "Guide." The "Electoral System" page under the "Members" tab has near the bottom a convenient interactive map of electoral districts throughout Japan. And under the "Diet-Related Laws" tab, find English language translations of the Constitution, the Diet Law, and the Upper House Rules.
National Diet Library. The National Diet Library English language page includes a growing number of resources, including on-line catalogs, digital libraries, bibliographies, and a web-archiving project.
House of Representatives Internet TV. The Lower House Internet TV page provides live video coverage of the Lower House when it is in session, and a video library of significant past Lower House debates and Committee sessions. Easy, reliable access, with only a RealMedia or WindowsMediaPlayer plug-in that most everyone already has. Videos will be maintained for one year after the end of the session in which they were made. This will become a significant resource as videos accumulate.