Click the Links below for transcripts of short biographical interviews with leading contributors to the English language literature on Japan's domestic politics and international relations.

Dr. James E. Auer, Director of the Center for U.S.-Japan Studies & Cooperation, at the Institute for Public Policy Studies of Vanderbilt University. Telephone interview from Vanderbilt on April 14, 2006.
Dr. John C. Campbell, Professor, Department of Political Science, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor. Telephone interview from Tokyo, February 23, 2006.
Mr. Thomas Coffey, professional translator, who works in both Japanese and Chinese. Telephone interview from Virginia, May 20, 2006.
Dr. Eric Gangloff, Executive Director, Japan-United States Friendship Commission, Washington, D.C., Telephone Interview, February 1, 2005.
Dr. Ellis Krauss, Professor, Graduate School of International Relations and Pacific Studies, University of California, San Diego, May 2, 2005.
Dr. Robin LeBlanc, Associate Professor, Washington and Lee University. Telephone interview, February 4, 2005.
Dr. James W. Morley, Professor Emeritus, Columbia University. Telephone Interview, March 21, 2005
Dr. Robert M. [Skipp] Orr, President of Boeing, Japan, and Vice President, International Relations, The Boeing Company.
Dr. T. J. Pempel. Professor, Department of Political Science, and Director, Institute of East Asian Studies, University of California at Berkeley. Telephone Interview, July 20, 2005
Mr. Gregg A. Rubinstein, Director, GAR Associates, Washington, D.C. Former official of the U.S. Departments of State and Defense. Now a consultant on U.S.-Japan defense programs. SkypePhone interview, April 11, 2007.

Dr. Leonard J. Schoppa, Associate Professor, Department of Politics, University of Virginia, Telephone interview, December 1, 2004

Dr. Nathaniel B. Thayer, Professor of Japanese Studies at the School of Advanced International Studies, Washington, D.C. Interviewed August 15, 2005.
Mr. Cecil Uyehara, whose career has taken him from high school and university in Japan, to graduate school in the United States, and U.S. government service. Since retirement in 1980, he has continued that remarkable career with involvement in relations between Japan and the United States as both participant and commentator, and as a noted calligrapher, Interviewed August 14, 2005.
Dr. Ezra Vogel, Henry Ford II Professor of the Social Sciences, Emeritus, Harvard University, Telephone interview, June 20, 2005
Dr. Dennis Yasutomo, Professor of Political Science and Asian Studies and Director of the East Asian Studies Program, Smith College, Telephone interview, May 31, 2005.