This page covers the organization and operation of Japan's Central Political Executive: the prime minister, the cabinet, and their immediate supporting secretariats.

Official Website of the Prime Minister and the Cabinet. A lot of work goes into this site. It offers a wealth of useful information in English. So much, in fact, that it is easy to overlook valuable resources. The "Site Map" button at the upper right of the page offers a view easier to navigate. Be sure to review the "Speeches and Statements by the Prime Minister" and Chief Cabinet Secretary "Announcements," and numerous English language reports under "Policy Initiatives" at the bottom of the page. In addition to useful business-like links in the left navigation bar, join the "virtual tour" of the two Kantei buildings. See the "Bureaucracy" page for more detailed comments on this page.
The Cabinet Office. The Cabinet Office, or Naikaku-fu, maintains a no-nonsense, well-organized English language site that provides policy-related information in abundance. Be sure, as with many other Japanese government-maintained sites, to scroll clear to the bottom of the page for English language information on policy issues not available elsewhere, and even summary translations of some White Papers. The 'Economic Statistics' link on the left-hand navigation bar also is very useful.