About the
Japan Considered Project

Dr. Robert C. Angel created the Japan Considered Project in 2004, while a faculty member in the Department of Political Science at the University of South Carolina. He continues to maintain the website in its current web location, and can be reached via e-mail at: JapanConsidered@gmail.com. Click here for Angel's bio.

The site provides researchers, students, and generally inquisitive readers, with links to sources of additional English language information on Japan’s domestic politics and conduct of international relations. Click the links on the left side of the page.

Each page includes only a few links to other information sources. But each link presented is accompanied by a paragraph or two that describes the site, evaluates its strengths and weaknesses, and alerts readers to its “do not miss” sections. Readers are encouraged to e-mail suggestions for additional useful sites, together with their evaluations, to RobertCAngel@Gmail.com.

In addition to the pages of links, the "Interviews" section offers transcripts of English language telephone interviews done with leading figures in the study of Japanese domestic politics and international relations, together with links to their work and organizations. Scholars, journalists, government officials, business persons, and representatives of non-profit organizations, all are represented. With more interviews added as time permits.

Another page includes links to occasional papers and unpublished manuscripts that have been provided to the site by visitors. Additional submissions also are encouraged. Send suggestions for additional occasional papers appropriate for this site to RobertCAngel@Gmail.com.

Click the “Podcasts” link to go to the most active section of the site. Here you can access the audio files and full transcripts of the weekly Japan Considered Podcast. The Podcast is created and hosted by Robert Angel. Find instructions for direct download, or for free subscription via iTunes or any other podcast software, at the top of that page.